What is The Tribe?

The Tribe isn’t something you do - it’s something you are. It’s something bigger than you, bigger than us. It’s a difference in these kids' lives. It’s hope, and love.

The Tribe is the faithful givers of GOAT. The people all over (the world, literally) who believe that we can - and will - change the world. Groups of goats are referred to as “tribes” or “trips”. We consider everyone who gives consistently to GOAT a member of our tribe. In a tribe there are many jobs and many people will carry different loads - but we’re all working together towards one goal. One goal to change the world through the adventure of the gospel.

Monthly giving allows us to plan better and allocate scholarships in advance. It allows us to tell a student that we know they can be a part of our program because The Tribe has made sure that we have resources available.

How much do we give to be a part
of The Tribe?

Anything you can give helps. The Tribe is donors, big and small, all making a difference. Whether you choose to give $5 a month or $5,000 a month, we want you in our tribe.

What is a helpful amount?

Honestly - anything. But if you’re looking for guidance on how and what to give, here are some numbers:

  • $20 per month provides a summer trip for two students
  • $35 per month provides a summer overnight trip for a student
  • $50 per month provides a summer trip for an entire group of students or a year of group mentoring/climbing for one student
  • Foundational Giving
  • $85 per month provides a summer trip & a full year of group mentoring/ climbing for one student
  • $100 per month provides a summer trip for 2 groups or a year of mentoring for 2 kids
  • $250 per month provides a weeklong summer camp for a group

About the Foundational Level

Why $85? Because $85 works out to be $1,000 per year. Some people are able to give at the foundation level, while others are able to give a part of a foundation, or even multiple foundations. Our goal is to have 200 people giving at the foundation level ($85 a month or higher) by the end of the year and we’re already well on our way.

Where does the money go?

We want to use every dime you give us as efficiently and effectively as possible. So much so that we promise to use it to create more funds for our organization. Through our indoor climbing facility, The Mountain Goat, we are able to generate additional revenues which currently cover all of our facility overhead costs. In 2012 we were able to turn every dollar that was donated into $1.75 through these types of revenues.