Summer Adventure Program

Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide incredible outdoor experiences for any under-resourced kid in Greenville who wants to try something new, no matter where they live, where they go to school, or what their background is.

Summer Adventures

This is the program GOAT was built on. Providing outdoor adventure trips to at-risk and under-resourced kids all over Greenville (and the state of South Carolina) is what we do best.
A resource for the community
During the summer, GOAT provides outdoor adventures to nearly 30 partner organizations in Greenville. As an organization we are able to coordinate these trips for various groups much easier, and more efficiently than if they were to try on their own. We are priviledged to serve groups all over Greenville and the state of South Carolina including: The Boys & Girls Club, the Frazee Center, Generations Group Homes, White Horse Academy, The Boys Farm, Neighborhood Focus, Greenville city and county Community Centers, Thornwell Children’s home, The YMCA, Phyllis Wheatley Center, Building Dreams, Greenville and Pickens Mental Health, KB Mission and many others.
The Gift of the Outdoors
Each summer we serve nearly 1,200 students and over 90% don’t pay a thing to come with us. Many of the students merely bring a waiver and we take care of the rest. Food, transportation, gear and equipment are all provided by GOAT and our generous donors. There’s something special about being in the wilderness, away from the distractions and chaos of their lives. Being in a vast, quiet space enables them to slow down and think about who they are, and how they fit into the world. During their time with GOAT, we spend some time exploring who God is and who He created them to be. Jesus himself taught over half of his teachings outdoors, so we think it works pretty well.

Our Activities

We provide a number of different activities for at-risk youth and are able to craft our trips around their students specific needs and restrictions whether legal, behavioral or DSS related
Rock climbing
Trusting a new friend to keep you safe while dangling from a cliff builds trust and builds it quickly. Rock climbing is a naturally exciting activity and a great transition from our indoor climbing facility.
Mountain Biking
There’s something freeing about riding a bike through the woods, down hills, over rocks. Mountain biking provides just enough freedom and challenge to foster a true sense of exploration and adventure.
Whitewater Rafting
Everyone loves being around water. In the middle of a red-hot South Carolina summer, spending an afternoon on the Nantahala River does the body – and soul – good.
Spending a few nights away from it all, underneath the stars, hanging out around the campfire can be a transformative experience. Students learn to work together while also learning about themselves.

The Mountain Goat

Many of our groups require special attention or need a secure environment for their activities. We have our own indoor facility that provides a unique atmosphere to serve students who may have special issues or who need a low-key adventure to ease them into our programs.
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