Adventure Team

The Adventure team is an intensive mentoring and discipleship program where students can work their way up to real-life responsibilities and jobs. Jobs and leadership development have the long-term capability to change a kid’s current situation as well as his future and the future of his family and community.

Adventure Team

We key in on four target areas to develop at-risk youth as leaders and train them up to lead their peers. We have seen that relationships and responsibility are key in the development of at-risk youth, and we provide a two hour weekly program as well as one-on-one time outside of the structured program with each student.
As a Christian organization we believe in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that we’re called to create disciples. We spend intentional time studying the Bible and helping our students understand who God created them to be.
We train our students how to treat and respect their peers as well as authority figures. Each student’s behavior in school and at home is monitored and we make sure they are held accountable to their actions as a team and as individuals.
Our goal is for each of our students to grow into leaders in their families, schools, and communities. Many of them do not have positive role models in their lives so we provide safe relationships and increasing responsibilities to develop their leadership capacity.
All of our activities are physically involved. Whether mountain biking or rock climbing, each student has the opportunity to progress their fitness level and develop skills that allow them to stay in shape and work towards personal goals.
A clear pathway to success
When students join an Adventure Team, they work with our staff to set their own personal goals as well as goals provided by our staff. As they progress and reach their goals, students move up through a defined level system to earn more responsibility at GOAT and eventually earn a paying job as a Jr Guide.
Three years ago Mikey came on a mountain biking trip with GOAT. He’s been a part of the Adventure Team ever since and is the first student to progress to a Jr Guide and earn a job at GOAT. Mikey works as an assistant coach for our youth climbing team and as a Jr Guide during the summer
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