September 10, 2014

Core Values – Great

The first letter of the GOAT alphabet is the letter G, and being first, it sets the tone for every thing we do as an organization. Great, isn’t just a adjective of the outdoors that follows, but a way of work we strive for as an organization. Being Great, or achieving greatness, is not something that just happens, but something that takes work. Real work. Here at GOAT we understand the importance of our work and therefore work with diligence to not just do a good job, but to do a Great job.

The reason we strive for greatness not only in our actual work, but also attitude and teamwork is because as a staff we understand that greatness is something that we are called to.

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”  -Colossians 3:23

Some days we may be throwing a sweep stroke on the Nantahala River with a boys home, and other days tying knots out at Crowder’s Mountain for a community center – sometimes we may be back home praying for kids we’ve met during the summer. No matter what activity we are doing or what group we’re serving, we understand that our job is important. If we don’t do a Great job, the kids won’t have a Great trip or safe trip for that matter, and that is no fun for anyone. No matter the trip we may be on, as a team and organization we don’t want to settle for good, when we know that the Lord has called us to be Great.


This post is part of a four-part series about the core values which literally make up our name – Great Outdoor Adventure Trips. We hope the explanation of our name will give you an insight to who we are and what we strive for here at GOAT.