June 6, 2012

Last year we built a climbing gym. This year we opened it to the public. We hear a lot from our climbers that we need to be open more hours, and we understand that (we’re presently only open to the public from 5-10pm) but we often try to explain what the gym is really for.

Our summer started yesterday. We picked up a small group of guys from Greenville Mental Health to go hike to a waterfall. This morning, we were scheduled to pick up a group from the Boys Home of the South to go climbing outdoors. A trip that had been scheduled, and these boys had been looking forward to, since February of this year. When our team went to pick them up, it was raining. If you don’t know, you can’t climb outside on wet rocks. It’s not fun or safe and it just doesn’t work.

In years past we would have had to cancel this trip. All of the planning and even some of the money that had gone into it would have been for nothing. But – thanks to the faithfulness of our staff, volunteers and donors – we don’t have to do that anymore. We picked up the guys as usual, and without even skipping a beat, drove to our indoor climbing facility and they boys were able to climb all morning long.

So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who gave time and/or money to make this place happen. Thank you to every single person who climbs here – you help keep the doors open. Thank you to everyone who continues to believe in us and what the Lord is calling us to do here at GOAT – to help a generation that needs it. It means the world to us, and even more to our kids who often don’t even know or understand that most of you exist.  

This really is a dream that we’ve been waiting to see as a reality for years now. We’ve got some other stories coming up to share with you how the Lord has been able to use this space just as he promised back when it was a mere thought.

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