November 5, 2014

Full Circle

Three summers ago on a mountain biking trip, there was a thirteen year old boy in the group who told us that he “would work for GOAT one day”. If you’ve been around GOAT at all over the last three years you’ve no doubt heard about our Adventure Team program. It’s a mentoring program designed to disciple young boys (and now girls as well) to learn who Jesus created them to be and to train them to eventually work at GOAT and serve other “at-risk” kids in Greenville.

Here we are three years later and that kid has grown up and now works at GOAT! Mikey was right that first day he met us, and since then he has helped us shape the program that has allowed him to grow into a leader and serve the very types of students he once was.

This past summer, Mikey began our Jr. Guide Program as a Level 4 student on our Adventure Team. All summer long he worked tirelessly alongside our staff and volunteers learning how GOAT’s programs operate and learning to guide and lead people – specifically his peers. When school started back, he began his internship in our climbing facility, The Mountain Goat. Mikey is currently the assistant coach for our Youth Team and teaches them climbing techniques and skills. He also sets routes in the gym on days that teams don’t meet, and he is involved with helping serve the rest of our Adventure Team students. And… he gets paid by GOAT!

There’s something very unique and exciting that happens when Mikey is working with other kids at GOAT. There’s a moment when you can see them realize that Mikey looks like them. He lives in their neighborhood and goes to their school. They realize he’s their age and that working at GOAT is a real possibility for them.

This isn’t just a story about Mikey – it’s a story about possibility and potential. There are currently guys lined up behind Mikey. They are learning how to lead and exploring what the Bible says about being a man. Through these programs, we believe that the Gospel can change these kids’ families, communities and eventually the world.

Want to be a part of Mikey’s story and help other kids experience a similar story? We’re currently in a Christmas fundraiser – come be a part of GOAT’s story by giving any amount between $1 and $200. We could never do this without you. Please join us at

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