April 14, 2010

Financial Transparency

Do you invest? Sure, you do. What was the last thing you invested in? A house? A 401(k)? Baseball cards? Shoes?

When you invest in something, you have expectations. And you don’t typically invest unless you know what the outcome will (hopefully) be. For example, when you invest in a house, you expect to build equity, and hopefully add value, so that when you move, you can put it towards a new house, and even one day not have a house payment.

Or, for example, wen you invest in shoes. You expect to fill your closet and look really good out on the town, and eventually to take them to Goodwill and get a tax deduction. Right?

Ok, so maybe that’s a little off, but the truth is, we invest in things that we believe will make life (typically our own) better, and often times, we know exactly what to expect.

So, why isn’t it the same with non-profits and ministries? Should we not know what we’re getting? Should we know where our investment is going, and what’s being done with it? Would you invest in a retirement fund without ever being able to see the end result?

We think of our supporters as investors. Investors in the lives of our participants. We strive to make a lasting impact on their lives; not just a fleeting memory, and we couldn’t do that without them.

All that being said, we want to be financially transparent. We want our investors (and our potential investors) to see where their money is going and to see how it is impacting lives. We want people to trust that we are using their money wisely to reach the lost and spread the gospel and change lives. And why would they trust if we didn’t show them where their investment was going?

So this is where we are, our complete finances from 2009 for the whole world to see.

Goat's 2009 Financial Report

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