November 12, 2015

Fall Break 2015

Our Adventure Team program is by far the coolest thing that we do at GOAT. It began as an accident a few years ago and has since grown to be a part of everything we do here. You can read more about the program on our website, but the short of it is that the Adventure Team consists of students who have been around GOAT in some capacity and have decided that this is their “thing.” The goal for each of our Adventure Team students is to eventually work at GOAT (among other things) and we’ve seen each of them grow by leaps and bounds through the challenges and adventure of the outdoors, paired with the gospel.

As the Adventure Team has grown and changed over the years, it has settled into a rhythm where we see a lot of excitement around our fall break, spring break and end of summer trips. These have become the trips that we spend much of the semester talking about and even sometimes “dangling as a carrot” in front of our students. This fall we decided to change all that. Instead of GOAT taking the Adventure Team on these trips, we decided that the Adventure Team and the students themselves should be a part of the planning, preparation, leading and overall decision-making of the trips. This shift in mindset from “come with us” to “let’s go on YOUR trip” has been incredible to watch.

Over the next few weeks, we’re inviting you to take a deeper look inside the Adventure Team, our process for including the students on planning and the excitement of the trip itself.

Planning →

Training →


Solving “Problems”

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