Meet the Interns: Abi

Some people call her by the first part of her name (Abi), some call her by the last (Gail), we picked the middle and call her Beagle. Abi is a junior at University of Georgia in Athens and spends her spare time hanging out with her middle school WyldLife students or watching Netflix.

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Meet the Interns: Mary-Neel

Mary-Neel is a rising senior at Clemson University and a Greenville native. At Clemson she works for C.O.R.E (Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education) so she’s ready for whatever we throw at her. She also hates when we tell people this, but she’s a Clemson cheerleader, so you can find her on the sidelines on Saturdays […]

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Meet the Interns: Katherine

Katherine is a Greenville native but currently in school at College of Charleston. She’s a familiar face, as she’s been climbing here during her college breaks. She also speaks five different languages. Katherine is the happiest morning person ever, which is great since she’s helping run all of our climbing camps this summer.

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